Professions Most Susceptible to Workers’ Compensation Claims

Every employer strives to make their work-site as safe and accident-free as possible. In recent years, the number of work-related injuries has declined, due in part to these efforts as well as advancements in technology and methodology. However, there are some professions that are still very susceptible to work-related injuries and, by extension, workers’ compensation claims.

Transportation workers, and in particular, truck drivers have a high incidence of work-related injuries. Unfortunately, truck drivers tend to face many dangers in their day-to-day jobs. Another driver who is speeding, intoxicated, or driving while distracted could cause an accident, resulting in injury to the truck driver. Drivers face other potential injuries, however, while not on the road. A driver may be injured while handling heavy trucking equipment or raising the truck hood. Loading and unloading cargo or even slipping and falling from loading docks also pose dangers. Employers should be on the watch for ways to make sure their drivers are aware of all of these potential dangers and to limit the risk.

Another profession that is particularly susceptible to workers’ compensation claims is construction work. Construction sites are dangerous places and there are a variety of different injuries that can occur. Falls from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, or other elevated surfaces are particularly common. Being struck by a falling or improperly secured object is also quite common. Being caught between large objects such as trucks or other large vehicles poses a great danger. Finally, certain specific construction workers may also be in danger of being electrocution, such as electricians. Construction workers should also be alert for their tools of the trade. Employers need to make sure that tools, equipment, and vehicles are in good repair and do not pose a danger to their employees. In addition, employers need to be aware of any special training or safety gear that employees may need to provide extra protection from work-related injury.

Finally, law enforcement officers are definitely at risk of work-related injury. California law also provides extra protection to law enforcement officers, by providing that certain injuries are “presumptive” injuries, including heart trouble, hernias, and pneumonia. Firefighter also receive special consideration for particular types of cancer in workers’ compensation claims.

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